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Laughter - Therapy for Peace

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LAUGH - because life is too short to frown & stress

5 years back we were at a holiday home in mountains with friends. We decided to watch a 90s movie. The movie started & we had a riot of laughs. We kept falling off from our couches because we couldn’t control our laughters. Tears kept rolling out of eyes & our laughters kept growing louder & louder. It was a sort of drama movie which we turned into a comedy one.

Another incident I remember is about a wedding that we went for 3 years. It was a 3 day event. The wedding was one of the best that I had ever witnessed but situations for us kept turning out to be funnier & funnier. Instead of complaining or frowning, all I could do in such a situation was laugh - not at anyone, but at the situations. What happened at the end of 3 days - that wedding turned out to be one of the most memorable one in spite of so many hiccups. Even today we couldn’t stop laughing remembering those moments.

Once to my shock I was told not to laugh out loud in a theatre by a close relative because according to that person it does not look good to laugh like this in public places. I was judged innumerable times for laughing out loud & countless times was asked to stop laughing. But, those who have laughed their heart out only knows the feeling.

We avoid laughing, even if our hearts wants it because of one of the most common fear - what will people think? We have been taught since years that one should not laugh loud because it doesn’t look good. This statement itself deserves a big laugh - don’t you think so?

How often in life we miss laughing our heart out because of worldly reasons ?

Laughter is a natural phenomenon & it should be allowed to flow naturally. Laughter can never be planned.

Laugh - it is the best therapy. It heals in a way no medicine can ever heal oneself.

We have very selected moments in our lives where we have laughed our hearts out. Don’t let those moments just pass by because what will people think’.

Look around you & you will find so many reasons to laugh out loud.

Have a life full of laughter !

Note: here we are not talking about laughing at someone. We are just talking about natural laughter that emerges out of innocent life situations.

- Rani

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