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About The Meaningful Lifestyle
- from founder's desk

“Live in Peace before Resting in Peace” - this is the sole purpose that defines The Meaningful Lifestyle.


What if I ask you what emotional state you are currently in?


Most of you will say I am happy, I am sad, I am angry, I am frustrated, I am excited, I am joyful, I am stressed etc.

We all know that whatever emotional state we are in, it is going to change because all these emotions are temporary.

When we have positive emotions, we feel good & when we have negative ones, we are miserable.


But what if I say - you can have different emotions during the day, but amongst all those emotions, you can be at peace for 100% of the time.

Sounds strange but yes, it is possible & that is why we have come up with The Meaningful Lifestyle - where we create lifestyles for a Peaceful you.


The Meaningful Lifestyle is a journey of creating lifestyles for living a fulfilled & peaceful life . These lifestyles will help you become emotionally & spiritually richer everyday. 


We are coming up with lifestyles that are designed in a very simple way, where one can go through it one day at a time - read it, apply it, experience it & then move on to the next step. 

The lifestyle packages will be simple to use & fun to apply. It will be in the form of digital courses, books / guides / journals & kits.


To start with, signup & get our free kits & use/practice them for a week. Our freebies are a fun way to start the journey of peace by taking small actions each day.


Our blog -  A cup of life is a rich source of life learnings & experiences that inspires & motivates you to live a peaceful life. 


Subscribe to our YouTube channel The Meaningful Lifestyle for videos on having peace in all areas of your life through lifestyles that suits you.

Check our online course Bhagvad Gita - Karma Yog here.

Join our 10 week Yogic Lfiestyle workshop here.

About Me

Hi I am Rani.

Certified Bhagvad Gita & Yog Teacher


Mechanical engineer by qualification but a hardcore creative at heart & a determined soul to live a meaningful life.


After following my passion & practicing interior designing for a decade, I felt as if something was still missing. That missing part was the ‘purpose’. I mistook my passion as my purpose but after reaching at a certain destination, I realised that I was missing out on my purpose.


After going through an emotional & mental roller coaster for couple of years, I finally became clear about my purpose, which gave birth to The Meaningful Lifestyle.


My journey subconsciously started in 2018, when I started experimenting minimalism. The experiment became my way of life & I started exploring more such lifestyles for a peaceful me. These different experiments lead me to a state where even in middle of different emotions in different situations, I could be at peace all the time.


It sounds strange but yes, it is possible. I have practiced this for years now & it has helped me sail out peacefully through the most challenging life situations.


And that’s when I decided to share it with others to help them live a peaceful life.

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