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33 koti Devta

In hinduism we use 33 koti devta. It has been misinterpreted for so long as 33 crore gods.

The meaning of 33 koti is not 33 crore, it means 33 types of god. This confusion occurred because ‘koti’ in Sanskrit has two meanings : crore & type

It is mentioned in Bruhadaryanak Upanishad, that there are 33 Gods/Dev. These Gods are separated in the following pattern : 12 Aditya + 11 Rudra + 8 Vasu + 1 Indra + 1 Prajapati.

8 vasu

धर - earth

ध्रुव - star

सोम - moon

अप - water

अनिल - wind

अनल - fire

प्रत्युष - light

प्रभाष - dawn

They are called Vasu because in them is the whole universe residing.

11 rudra

5 jnana indriya (sensory organs)

5 karm indriya (organs of actions & mind)

1 Atma (soul)

Different upanishads have given different names to Rudras.

They are called Rudra because when all these indriyas & Atma leave the body, a person dies, which makes others cry. Cry is known as ‘Rodan’ & that’s why it is called Rudra.

12 Aditya

Mitra - friend

Aryama - destroyer of foes

Shakra - mighty

Varun - one who binds

Ansh -liberal

Bhag - giver

Pushan - nourisher

Savitr - vivifier

Tvatsra - shaper

Vishnu - pervader

Daksh - skilful

Vivasvat - resplendent

Aditya means Sun. The twelve names of Aditya are twelve months of hindu calendar & it shows 12 aspects of the Sun.

1 Indra - King of Gods

1 Prajapati - Lord of all beings

This is the broad description of 33 koti devta. Details are given in various upanishads.

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