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Surya Namaskar Beej Mantra

We all know that doing Surya Namaskar is extremely beneficial to the body. But when it is done along with chanting of Surya Namaskar Beej Mantra, it also has positive effect at a spiritual level.

Beej Mantras are vedic mantras that generates vibrations which creates protective shield around the one who chants it. This shield protects one from ill health & also helps in inner awakening. These beej mantras are also connected to various chakras in the body & hence when we chant these mantras, it opens up these chakras, resulting in positive well being.

It is also a way of paying gratitude to the source, the provider of all energy - Sun (Surya) !

Also these beej mantras help in attaining peace of mind, good health & prosperity as it is addressed to Sun, the source of all energy.

Because of the vibrations generated, one can feel a charged environment around.

Chanting these mantras daily helps to get control over anger, helps relaxing and also keeps one free from tension & stress. It help in attaining a healthy mind & body.

There are 12 beej mantras for each step of surya namaskar.

The Surya namaskar beej mantras are :

Aum Rham Mitraya Namah

Aum Rhim Ravayre Namah

Aum Rhum Suryaya Namah

Aum Rhaim Bhanave Namah

Aum Rhoum Khagaya Namah

Aum Rhah Pushne Namah

Aum Rham Hiranyagarbhaya Namah

Aum Rhim Marichaye Namah

Aum Rhum Adityaya Namah

Aum Rhaim Savitre Namah

Aum Rhoum Arkaya Namaha

Aum Rhah Bhaskaraya Namah

How to do

First 6 Surya Namaskar should be done chanting beej mantras for each step. Then one can continue other surya namaskars following inhale-exhale steps.

While chanting, make sure the voice comes deep from your throat & you feel the vibration in your sternum.

Hope you enjoyed reading these article. For more details on surya namaskar, you can purchase our printable (pdf) at INR 99/- here.

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