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Live in the moment

How often are you fully aware & enjoying the song playing on your car radio?

How often are you not checking your mobile while tv is on?

How often are you actually enjoying the event that you are invited to & not busy clicking selfies to post it on social media?

How often you are 100% present at a place you went for vacation to relax? How often are you relaxing there?

The main question is

How often are we living in NOW?

We are living in a distracted world - a world that has everything but Peace. We are in a constant race to prove it to the world without realising the world doesn’t care. In return, we forget to live & we realise it when it is too late.

Right now also while reading this, there must be 10 thoughts running in your mind which won’t allow you to fully immerse in this blog.

Most of us are either in the past or future. We are either regretting our past or worrying about our future. We are never truly experiencing the present. While the truth is - life is only happening in the present. That means, we are missing living the life.

What is living in the moment ?

Living in the moment is experiencing life at its best.

Living in the moment is a first step towards mediation.

It is in a way a kind of meditation. Meditation is nothing but getting lost in what you are doing, becoming aware about the present & living it fully.

What I did to live in the moment?

  • Started small

  • I became conscious about present & initially had to put an effort

  • I became aware about NOW

  • However the present is, I started accepting it & learnt from it & lived it

I am also still learning it but whatever I have learnt about being in present, has helped me live my life to the fullest.

How to live in the moment?

  • Start small

  • Become aware about small small moments that you take for granted. Eg: driving the car, watching tv, brushing teeth, eating

  • Next time start enjoying these moments, no matter how small they are:

    • Become aware & enjoy the song playing on your car radio while you are driving

    • Make sure your phone is away from your reach while eating

  • Start an activity (a hobby) that you absolutely love doing. Get immersed in it. Eg: painting, reading, cooking, playing an instrument, singing, dancing

  • Plan : so that you don’t worry about other stuff while being in present

Benefits of living in the moment ?

  • Increase focus

  • Increases productivity

  • Your awareness increases, you become mindful

  • Reduces your stress, anxiety & other mental emotional trauma

  • Most importantly, YOU LIVE

“Every moment comes with a different emotion, embrace each & every emotion to the fullest & that is when you will feel truly ALIVE.”

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