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India’s pride - Statue of Unity

After delaying my visit to Statue of Unity all these years, this time I was determined to visit SOU, the moment I can. Before visiting, what I was not aware was, that I was in for something great, something larger than life. What I was about to witness was not only a statue but a symbol of India's pride – Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

Statue of unity

Statue of unity is a long due respect that Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel deserved long back.

Everyone along with their families should visit this place to:

  1. Teach your kids about the history where Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel has contributed enormously to the betterment of our nation.

  2. To witness the world class standards that not only statue of unity but the whole town known as the Ekta Nagar has to provide.

  3. And of course, to experience the magnanimity of the world’s tallest statue.

The town where the statue is located is known as Ekta (Unity) Nagar. One can reach there by train, bus or car.

If you are travelling for the day by your private vehicle, then you need to park your car at the big parking lot just after you enter ekta nagar. From there you can take the pink electric rickshaw. Unique thing about these rickshaws is that it is driven by women.

There are beautiful places to stay. If you want a true experience of the place & surroundings, then staying at either of the two tent cities is recommended. Other hotels are also available.

Tent City 1

We stayed at tent city 1. It was a beautiful experience. The staff was excellent, food was good & services at all levels was superb.

Places to stay

  1. Tent city 1 - SOU

  2. Tent city 2 - Narmada

  3. Fern

  4. Eco stay

  5. Ramada Encore

Things to do

1. Statue of unity

The entrance of the SOU itself is very impressive. After walking for few meters you, reach the exhibition hall where the history has been beautifully exhibited. You take the lift from exhibition hall which takes you to the viewing gallery that has been created at Sardar’s chest level. The viewing gallery has got the beautiful views of Narmada river with mountain ranges on both the sides.

2. Light show

NOT TO MISS show. Beyond excellent at all levels. A must for everyone, especially kids, so that they can know the history & be proud of our Sardar & our Bharat.

3. Arogya van

Beautifully designed park with all the Ayurvedic jadi buttis. Unique feature about this place is they have made a human figure where you can move along by golf carts & each part of that human had jadi buttis grown that are useful for that specific part of the body.

4. Narmada arti

A very well organised arti that creates a pious atmosphere. Spirituality at its best.

5. Sardar Sarovar Dam

India’s 3rd largest concrete dam & world’s second largest dam in terms of the concrete involved, this dam is a sight to behold when it overflows.

6. Other places to visit : valley of flowers, butterfly park, cactus park, children’s nutrition park, zarvani falls & ekta mall.

Unique things that caught my attention

  • Excellent service at all the places

  • Cleanliness : not a piece of paper is seen on the roads. The environment has been kept very clean.

  • Women empowerment : one can see lot of women working at various locations. There is lot of women empowerment seen in ekta nagar.

No amount of words can justify the beauty, the experience, the pride that a true Indian feels at Statue of Unity. One needs to experience it himself/herself.

If you haven’t done it yet, do so now. If you have done it, encourage at least 5 others to go .

All the details regarding timings, tickets, stay etc are available of SOU’s site

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