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Declutter for peace

My journey towards peace began when I started following minimalism in 2018.

As a follower of minimalism I have learnt that for inner peace, less is always more.

Less spending, more financial freedom

Less possessions - more organisation

Less expectations - more happiness

Less thoughts - more clarity

Less words - more silence

Less everything - more peace !

For having less, it is also very important to first make sure you declutter what you already have.

Today’s topic is about one of the most basic yet very important personal area of our life that is taking away our peace - the cluttered mess in our house.

It is very important to clear the mess to make sure you are discarding things that you really don’t need anymore or have multiple of.

Really? How does the physical cluttered mess take away my mental peace?

  • Physical Mess makes Mind Messier - because we keep forgetting what is kept where & then end up getting frustrated & buying another one, resulting in into more mess. It is a vicious cycle & we need to break it.

  • Lack of organisation results in anxiety

  • Waste of time as we have to keep figuring out small things from the clutter like what to wear, what to buy etc

  • It takes away our focus, resulting into less productivity

So look around your home - if you find clutter & if you get the urge to buy the new stuff just to avoid wasting time looking for it, stop your urge there itself. Because if you go for a new one, you are just increasing your clutter.

Only solution is - Declutter.

We have designed a beautiful 7 day mini kit to declutter where you just have to invest 10-15 minutes of your time for 7 days & it is absolutely free. Grab this free kit here & see ow it changes your state of being in just 7 days.

- Rani

The Meaningful Lifestyle

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